We curate our speakers bearing in mind the African narrative. Our speakers are thinkers, builders and innovators that are Africans by origin, working on African solutions or Africans in the diaspora making a difference in the societies they find themselves.


Impact Entrepreneur

Iyinoluwa  Aboyeji is  an  impact  entrepreneur  with  a  passion  for  building  the  future  of  Africa. He’s spent the past 8 years building ventures in the education, technology, youth employment, publishing and finance spaces. He led Imprint Publications, one of Canada’s  largest  student-owned  publishing  houses,  as  President  of the Board in 2010, and he  helped found and run Bookneto Inc, a social e-learning platform, acquired in 2013 by the Canadian Innovation Centre. In 2014, He co-founded Andela to find and prepare the brightest young people in Africa to become the continent’s next generation of technology leaders through deep immersive remote-work experience with companies like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Google amongst others.  He left Andela to co-found Flutterwave, a  payments  technology company  connecting  Africa  to  the  global  economy.