We curate our speakers bearing in mind the African narrative. Our speakers are thinkers, builders and innovators that are Africans by origin, working on African solutions or Africans in the diaspora making a difference in the societies they find themselves.


Arts Collective

Salooni is a Ugandan multidisciplinary arts collective made up of four talented Ugandan women. At TEDxEuston 2018 Dreamweavers, Aida Holly-Nambi and Darlyne Komukama will take centre stage to represent the collective. Aida is the director of Arts and Culture for an Africa-wide LGBT digital media organization, None on Record, where among other projects, she produces the podcast, AfroQueer. Darlyne is a self-taught photographer and installation artist. Her photographs are full of regal, statuesque black women and exhort a return to the natural world. Her work has appeared on CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Quartz and OkayAfrica.