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SVP SR at Viacom International Media Networks

Georgia Arnold is the Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility at Viacom International Media Networks. Responsible for developing social initiatives for the company’s portfolio of over two hundred TV channels and websites, Georgia has initiated unprecedented partnerships and campaigns for MTV on HIV and AIDS awareness, as well as for Nickelodeon on children’s rights. Since its launch in 1988, she has been overseeing the Staying Alive Campaign and was instrumental in establishing the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, a global charitable body that provides grants to grassroots, youth-led organisations to set up HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns in their communities. A particular highlight of Ms. Arnold’s career is her involvement with the multi award-winning MTV Shuga – a 360-degree mass-media HIV prevention campaign with a worldwide viewership of over 720 million people (and which discovered the Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o). In 2013, MTV Breaks was born – Georgia’s latest international initiative to inspire and give real life opportunities to the next generation of creative talent around the world.