We curate our speakers bearing in mind the African narrative. Our speakers are thinkers, builders and innovators that are Africans by origin, working on African solutions or Africans in the diaspora making a difference in the societies they find themselves.


Founder of Identity School of Acting

Femi Oguns, MBE,  is a former actor and agent. Oguns' passion to create a platform  which would give actors of all ethnicities the platform to express themselves to their fullest led to the establishment  of the Identity School of Acting and Identity Agency Group in October 2003.   In 2010, Oguns  was named  a UK Film Council Breakthrough Brit in the fields of Acting and Writing. He also made Powerful Media's Power List of the top 100 most influential figures of African/Caribbean descent. In 2017 he became the first agent in the UK to be awarded with a special jury prize by the British Independent Film Award (Bifa) for his contribution to the British Film Industry.